Intermediate Reinsurance Training

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08h00: Welcome Learners

08h30: Introduction

  • Recap of types and forms of reinsurance
  • Facultative Reinsurance – Cessions, Pricing and Commissions
  • Important Facultative Clauses

09h30: Proportional Reinsurance

  • Understanding Retention and limits
  • Types of Commissions
  • Cession Basis – PML/EML Vs Total Sum Insured

10h30: Tea Break

10h45: Proportional Treaty Reinsurance

  • Table of retentions
  • Written and earned premium
  • Premium portfolio transfer and loss portfolio transfer
  • Occurrence limit

11h15: Non-Proportional Treaty Reinsurance

  • Understanding Deductible, Limits and Layering

12h00: Non-Proportional Treaty Reinsurance

  • Premium Adjustments
  • The concept of reinstatement and Reinstatement Premium
  • Annual Aggregate Limit
  • Annual Aggregate Deductible

13h00: Lunch Break

14h30: Treaties

  • Common Treaty Clauses

15h30: Reserving

  • Unearned Premium Reserve
  • Deferred Acquisition Costs
  • Outstanding Losses
  • Incurred But Not Reported Losses
  • Premium Deposit Reserve

16h30: Training Ends

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The Insurance Institute of Botswana (IIB) was duly registered as a non-profit association with the Registrar of Society in 2016

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The institute also caters for professional development through the seminars and technical training sessions throughout the year.

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IIB intends to affiliate with other like-minded professional insurance institutes, like the Insurance Institute of South Africa, the Insurance Institute of Zimbabwe and others globally

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